Billabong Cove

by Barrier Reef

The Billabong Cove fiberglass pool is one of our newest models. Many people have chosen the Billabong Cove because of its freeform design and lounging ledge. This pool model offers many great features, let’s take a look!

The Billabong Cove comes in one size and like all Barrier Reef models, this model comes in one of seven different color options. These color options provide a dash of color with “SHIMMER” which provides a stunning, sparkling finish. This results in amazing shifts of color throughout the day. This luxurious finish comes standard on all Barrier Reef fiberglass inground swimming pools. By adding one of our seven “SHIMMER” options you’re adding the ultimate in luxury and leisure to your fiberglass pool.

FUN FACT: A billabong is a watering hole that appears in nature after the rainy season. These billabongs can provide a lifeline to the many animals that populate the Australian continent. A billabong can take on any shape because of its fluid nature.

How to Choose the Perfect Pool for You?
Consider the size, placement, and desired outdoor living space around the pool. Determine features such as waterfalls, safety edges, and lighting. You’ll want to focus on the main function of your pool as well: will it be for entertainment, swimming, etc. Our team will come out to your home and assist you in planning and designing your new pool and outdoor living space to ensure it fits your space and intentions properly.

Model Line
Billabong Cove







3′ 4″


6′ 5″


• Lounging ledge
• Deep end lounge seating
• Generous entry steps in a textured finish
• Safety ledge around the perimeter of the pool

Available Colors

Evening Sky