Aspen spas
7′ × 8′
7 Adults

The Alpine Spa’s unique size puts it in the large spa family in that it can fit seven people, but it has a smaller footprint, taking up less room on your patio.

The 82″ x 92″ spa is designed with a universal lounger and three captain’s chairs, each at a different height and with different jet patterns, targeting various parts of your back and shoulders. While the incredibly spacious footwell allows room for six to seven sets of feet, it’s also perfect for stretching and exercising in the warmth of healing waters.

Alpine 7' × 8' Spa


3 Captain’s Chairs

1 Universal Lounger

3 Bench Seats

1 Step Entry

Deep, Open Footwell


82″ x 92″ x 36.5″H (6’10” x 7’8″ x 3’1/2″)

Max Spa Volume: 475 Gallons

Dry Weight: 900 lb

Filled Weight: 5250 lb