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A Backyard Oasis

This is where you can add a brief description of the project to encourage the viewer to read the article. This is where you can add a brief description of the project to encourage the viewer to read the article.

A Clean Slate

A long-time client reached out to our team looking to build the backyard of their dreams. With an empty nest, these new grandparents wanted the perfect space for their growing family to enjoy the outdoors together.

This yard began with a clean slate with an existing pergola and open backyard our wheels started turning. The first thing that came to mind was, “Backyard Oasis”. Our team began to draft the design featuring the Bondi 35 Fiberglass Pool by Barrier Reefs, a Belgard Paver Patio, additional lighting, pottery and furniture.


We never shy from a challenge and every project presents their own!
The first thing to address was a sloping backyard which was nothing a retaining wall couldn’t fix. The next step was privacy and we added in a unique fencing option that matched the concept.
Changing the landscape meant evaluating drainage changes and we new that we would be solving that problem near the end of the project when the final touches were ready to be made.

The Process

Once the proposal was sent and approved we gathered the team for the brief, it was almost time to dig! We documented the entire pool install process for you here. The pool was installed complete with bubblers and customizable lighting. As that was completed it was time to start the patio installation and the preparation for pavers to be laid began.

We’re very thorough in this process of building a long-lasting product with a great foundation.

While our goal is to impress our clients with aesthetics it’s equally as important to us that the job be done correctly and last you for years to come.

First, we tackled coping around the edge of the pool. The client choose a lighter color here that would accent the color scheme of the house along with the Belgard Pavers that were selected for the patio.

Once the coping was complete it was time to lay the pavers in a unique pattern that complimented the brick home.

The Final Touches

We may be skipping a few of the boring parts here, but rest assured every detail matters!
Our team finished out the build with a gorgeous patio, lighting, fence, irrigation, pottery and a drainage solution to withstand brutal Texas wind and rain!

We added in one of our favorite products, Ledge Loungers, to make the most of the sundeck on the Bondi 35.

The final result? A happy couple, with very happy grandkids!

Are you nervous to get started? Don’t wait to get your own backyard oasis. Financing is available and our team is here to walk you through every step along the way.
We also have a library of resources and tips to help you maintain your landscaping and outdoor living space. Check out some of our videos here.

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