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A Backyard Oasis

A new fiberglass pool complete with lighting, pavers, cedar rail fence and more.

When this wonderful couple choose to reach out and connect with us, we were delighted.  They were wonderful to work with during and after the project; they trusted our expertise, communicated honestly and often, and, most importantly, they became our friends. 

Discovering their Vision

As we took them down the path to Discovering their Vision, we learned they were looking for a pool and outdoor living space that could multi-task!  This very active couple needed a space that would be a relaxing space to come together at the end of the day or to relax with a few close friends.  They also wanted it to be “The” spot for larger family gatherings for their adult children and grandchildren during the summer and on weekends.   The goal was to create a space that would blend well with their existing Home and Pergola to be a warm and inviting and be easy to care for between gatherings.   

 They were stumped on how to bring it all together.  Their backyard had a few challenges that had them feeling like the backyard they imagined was not going to be a reality due to those issues.    They had a buried Propane tank and line running to the house, an existing brick columned Pavilion, a slope just off the house that lead to a drainage swale in the middle of the backyard and some existing trees that they preferred not to lose.  

Our team loves a challenge, we believe every challenge is an opportunity.  As with every client and every project a set of Customized Solutions were created to address their needs and challenges.  We came up with a layout they loved that flowed well with their home, complemented its existing features, and gave them plenty of room with multiple entertaining areas.   To top it off, we saved the tree, kept the propane tank buried where it was and kept the drainage flowing as it should.   We had to reroute the propane line from the tank around the pool and then used it to feed the Pool heater so they could extend their swim season as they please (I received a text from them on Christmas Eve saying they had heated the pool and the grandkids were enjoying a Christmas swim!)      

The Focal Point

The focal point of their backyard oasis is the beautiful fiberglass pool.  It has a large tanning ledge that is just deep enough to relax in and stay cool.   A deep end that allows them a wonderful place for water aerobics before work during the week and the grandkids a cannon-balling target on the weekends.  (If this style of pool appeals to you, check out the D-series of pools) Since Fiberglass pools are the easiest pool to maintain and installation time is super quick compared to other types of pools, it was a great choice for them.  They planned their backyard in the Spring and were swimming that very summer! If you’ve never seen a fiberglass pool installed, check out this video where we take you through it step by step as we installed this very pool!   Their pool equipment and pool lighting are controlled from their smartphone and can be monitored by them or us from anywhere.  It’s literally at the touch of their fingers anytime, anywhere.  

They selected a light travertine coping and a paver pattern that we installed on a 45* pattern to the pool and house.  Check out this video, where we show you the entire Paver process here    

As mentioned earlier, the backyard has a slope, so we used a retaining wall to level it up while maintaining the drainage swale running the length of the yard.  For more about that, check out this video.        

To make the entire backyard just as attractive and inviting after dark as it is during the day, we used led lighting to create just the right amount of relaxing ambiance. By incorporating path lighting, wall lighting, tree lighting, and moonlighting techniques to relax both the eye and the mind, this space is set to be enjoyed anytime the mood strikes.  

We added river gravel beds between the retaining wall and patio to allow us to soften the space with planted pottery without adding labor-intensive beds to maintain; the pottery can be planted as desired seasonally and adds a tremendous amount of color and texture to the space. If pottery would work well for your space visit our Nursery, where we carry an extensive inventory of pottery.   

To complete this project, we installed a beautiful horizontal cedar rail fence. With safety latch gates.   

Our clients are thrilled with their amazing backyard, and we were thrilled to partner with them on creating it.  They were wonderful to work with both during and after the project; they trusted our expertise, communicated honestly and often, and, most importantly, they became our friends.    

 If you’re looking for a team that can bring your project to life and become your friends while doing it, reach out to us, and let’s get started on your amazing new space!  We can’t wait to meet you! 

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