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Historical Home with a New Backyard

Installing the Whitsunday with a custom paver to match

Historical Home Built in 1934

Our client had just purchased a historical home built in 1934 and they were ready to upgrade the backyard. A big concern for this particular client was finding a coping option that would complement the home and detached garage without taking away from the pool area.

Our team carefully hand-crafted the stone around this fiberglass pool and the outcome was unbelievable! They decided to add bubblers to the lounger and once the installation was complete they were left with the backyard of their dreams.

The Details

Coping and waterline tiles are small details with a big impact. Finding the right match can make or break the aesthetics of the entire home. Our team of specialist know the options and are here to assist you along the way. Our showroom allows you to see, touch and feel the waterline tiles ahead of your decision as well!

This project presented a unique challenge with coping. In the end, the new backyard looks fresh and inviting while maintaining the overall feel of the property. With the right equipment, we were able to shape these pieces and get them laid exactly where they needed to be. As with anything we do, we build to last. It’s safe to say this family will enjoy their backyard for years to come.

Check out the video below for an overview.

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