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Is it time to remodel your pool?

Here are four signs.

Have you been thinking your pool needs a remodel?  Is it time to upgrade the centerpiece of your backyard to be the focal point it truly is?  Here are four easy-to-see signs that it may be time for a pool renovation or remodel at your house.

Coping and Tile issues.  Do you have tiles falling off, or coping that is loose or has lost the mortar between the joints?   Maybe, your pool is from a previous owner and you don’t really like the tile and coping decisions they made, originally.  Maybe you pool was built many years ago and is in desperate need of a style and color update.  Any or all of these is a great reason to update and remodel your pool and make it something you’ll enjoy seeing every day.  A pool will typically outlast the design trends that were in vogue when it it was originally built, but a well thought out remodel will make you love it for years to come.

Plaster.  Does your pool feel rough and patchy?  Can you see the concrete showing through in places?  Does the plaster look worn off in places?  Maybe you can even see cracks or feel hollow places in the pools finish.  Has it become impossible to clean and hard to maintain the water quality? Over time, the surface of a swimming pool can wear down. When that happens, your pool may look aged and dirty.   These are all signs that it’s time for a replaster.   You can even go back with a completely different color or texture.  Maybe, incorporate decorative tile into the steps or even a mosaic.  

Outdated equipment?  Technology has not forgotten your swimming pool.   Today’s variable speed pumps and energy efficient heaters are light years ahead of where they were just 10 years ago.  If your equipment is over 10 years old, you’re wasting money every day compared to today’s super energy efficient models.  They can pay for themselves quickly and help offset the cost of your pool remodel.  Controlling your pool equipment can now be as easy as picking up your phone.  Pumps, heaters, lights, and spa blower functions can now be controlled with your smart phone.  Does the light on your pool need replacing?  Today’s LED technology lets you make your pool any color you want, even enjoy color changing light shows, and they do it all with less electricity that the one you currently have.

Decks.  Decks need upgrades overtime as well.   Maybe your pool was originally installed with just a small 3’-4’ apron of concrete as many are, and now you’d like more outdoor living space.  May be the original Cool Deck has begun to lift and flake off and looks unsightly.  Many people don’t realize that it can be removed and reapplied.  You can even add new concrete and re-texture both the old and new so that it all looks as if it were done at the same time.  Is your concrete deck heaved or sunken in places?  Is it cracked and in need of replacement?  Have you considered replacing it with artificial turf or even decorative pavers?  Both are great options for your pool deck area and will completely transform the look of your pool and backyard.   Imagine beautiful green turf beside your pool, it’s the perfect place for your chaise lounge and is also the perfect place to exercise and even play lawn games, and it’ll never need mowing or watering! 

While these are just a few reasons to consider a pool remodel, you may have others that need the help of our professional design team.  The quicker you reach out the sooner we can help. Don’t miss a day of swim season next summer.  Fall and winter are the ideal time for a pool remodel.  Call today and the team at Red River Outdoor Living can have your pool and backyard ready by spring!  For all your pool needs from weekly cleaning, to winter covers, and renovations, even equipment repairs and of course brand new pool builds, the Team at Red River Outdoor Living is here to make your backyard your favorite place to be!

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