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Pool Installation by the Day

From dig to swim

Our 5 step path to success starts with connection and focuses on communication. Once the first steps of discovery and planning are complete it’s time to move on the exciting part…the installation. In this case study we are going to walk you through the step-by-step process of a fiberglass pool install. While every property and project are unique there are many steps that stay consistent throughout. We’re going to show you the overview and as always, if you have any questions feel free to contact our team.

Step 1: Dig Day

From dig to swim it all starts with DIG DAY.
We break ground and get any preliminary drainage taken care to make sure excess water stays away from the pool. A great example of this is rerouting gutters coming from the home or nearby structures to flow out of the way of the pool.

Once that is done, it’s time to dig. This process typically takes one to two days and as with any beautiful outcome we have to get things a little messy to begin with but rest assured the backyard will come together and look gorgeous in no time. Check out the video on Step One, here.

Step 2: Shell Prep for Installation

When the fiberglass shell arrives it will require some prep work before it’s ready to be lowered into the hole. The team will install wall fittings and align the directional returns to guide the flow of water towards the skimmer. At this time we would also add bubbler fittings and lighting to the shell.

The nature of the fiberglass pools allows a lot of customization with the placement of skimmers and lighting that will best suit your property and landscape.
Check out the video on step two.

Step 3: Set the Shell

This is one of the most exciting days for you and for the team! We lift the shell into the air and lower it right into the hole in your yard. While we’re still a few steps away from swim day, this is where things start to take shape.

We finish up any final touches on the hole and prepare it for the shell to be lowered. The slope of the ground in the hole will match the pool slope and the pool shell will nicely fit into the hole we’ve prepped.

Once the hole is lowered in, we give it a rinse and tidy up before we start filling the pool in. We backfill the space between the ground and the hole with clear gravel which allows a drainage system and flexibility as the ground moves. This makes a stable base for years to come even in places where other pools types aren’t ideal. Get more details on this step in our video covering Step 3.

Step 4: Bond Beam and Coping Prep

At this stage, the pool has been filled with water and bond beam is being laid. We’ve prepped the rebar along the outside of the pool and a few other details are being added to prep for the next phase. While step four may not seem exciting, it’s preparing the foundation of a backyard that will last you and your family for years to come. The video on step four can be found here.

Step 5: Concrete Backfill and Coping

During step five our team will backfill around the pool with concrete and start the process of installing coping. During this step, the pool is cleaned and we’re almost ready to swim! Check out the video here.

Step 6: The Final Countdown

We’re almost there! The final steps will include completing the waterline tile and coping as well as any additional landscaping services on the project. This could include a pergola, paver patio, outdoor kitchen area, lighting, landscaping, fencing or anything else in the outdoors that you want to improve. At this stage, we also will complete the install of the pool equipment pad, treat the water in the pool and get you ready to enjoy the space that’s been created. See the final video here!

If you’re ready to see the installation process in your own backyard, let’s get started.

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