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Your Very Own Backyard Putting Green

It’s FUN!

It’s FUN!

Imagine grabbing your putter, walking into the backyard onto your always-perfect putting green, and fine-tuning your short game! No huge time commitments, no driving, no parking, no dress codes, no waiting, no fees, just FUN.  Even when you have just a few minutes, you can have a nice mental break and get a little better at putting. Need a fun activity to entertain the grandkids?  If they have both hands on a putter, they won’t be holding their phone!  Everyone enjoys a friendly putting competition no matter their skill level, and it’s a great way to get everyone outside and involved in something fun and safe! Just no throwing your putter when you miss! Drop a steak or burger on the grill and practice while they cook! You’ll find tons of ways to have fun on your putting green!

It’s Low Maintenance!

Have an area that’s too shady to grow grass, or too hard to get a mower on, or is just not as attractive as you wish it were? It may be the perfect place to put your putting green. You won’t need to mow it, so you’ll have more time to practice. You won’t need to water or fertilize it, so the savings can be used to buy that new set of clubs you’ve been thinking about!   

It’s always ready!

Artificial putting greens are always ready to play on. They won’t brown out in the heat or need to be covered in the winter and can be played any time of year, day or night (you can even play in the rain if you want!) no worry with mud or fear tracking them up. They can take the traffic of large groups, even kids and pets running and playing on them.  Basically, when you’re ready, it’s ready!

It’s a great addition to your Home!

Putting greens are a great feature that adds value and curb appeal to your home. With the high entertainment value, the low maintenance aspect, and the popularity of outdoor living features in general, they are a great addition to your home; regardless of whether you’re planning to sell in a few years or stay forever, you’ll be glad you put in your putting green.

If you’re interested in trying out a putting green, stop by and try ours at Red River Outdoor Living. It’s here just for you to try it out. Visit us at 3755 FM 195 (1-3/4 miles north of the loop in Paris).

We are ready to make your backyard your favorite place to be!

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