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When in drought, Turf it out.

Synthetic Turf and Putting Greens.

As we are experiencing an extended drought in our region much attention is turned to trying to maintain our turf grasses, with excessive temperature and no rain for weeks it can be challenging to keep your grass alive. 

It prompts many to consider alternatives to traditional natural turf grasses and consider artificial turf.  Artificial turf has gained popularity in recent years, and with all the benefits it’s pretty easy to see why.  

If you’ve visited a football game on almost any level in recent years you probably watched it played on an artificial turf field, but artificial turf is not just for sports fields anymore.   It is commonly used as a great alternative to natural turfgrass in areas that are traditionally a challenge to either grow or maintain natural turfgrass.  Many areas that people struggle with such as areas that don’t receive enough sunlight or enough moisture to sustain natural turfgrasses are a great fit for artificial turf

Since artificial turf doesn’t require watering, weeding, or mowing the maintenance costs over time versus natural turfgrass are extremely low.  Turf is easily and economically maintained by simply sweeping or using a leaf blower to blow away fallen leaves or other debris.   It requires no chemical fertilizers or herbicides.  It is hypoallergenic so it offers a great outdoor surface for those who suffer from certain grass allergies.

Pets? They LOVE it.

Pet owners love the benefit of their pets being able to play and exercise on the lawn any day of the year and not have to deal with grass, mud, and other nuisances when the dogs come back into the house.  

Parents and Grandparents once bothered by play areas that were once beaten down with dust patches can now enjoy beautiful green grass every day of the year, no mud no dirt, no problem.   Even playgrounds in heavily used commercial settings including swings and climbing structures are no problem for artificial turf, with special padding installed underneath they have the necessary fall rating and certifications to pass all applicable standards, and with a 15-year warranty, it’s here to stay.   

Nationwide nearly 9 Billion gallons of water are used annually to maintain natural turfgrass in our landscapes.  Artificial turf requires NO water to look amazing every day.

Imagine never having to water your grass, never having to mow your grass, but ALWAYS ENJOYING your grass.   

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